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"Rock River Sweep.org is a grass roots,
not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving
the health and ecosystem of the Rock River and
its tributaries in Wisconsin and Illinois by partnering
the communities along its banks into a unified, volunteer
effort of river revitalization and annual clean-ups"

Rock River Sweep.org

Invites you to join with us in our annual

“Great Rock River Sweep”

(A river clean-up)

Saturday, September 8,2012

Once again, Rock River Sweep.org is sponsoring its annual Great Rock River Sweep, a Rock River clean-up to be conducted in every community along the river for its entire 285 miles reaching from Waupun, Wisconsin to Rock Island, Illinois, simultaneously on one day and you are invited to participate.

We all have a vested interest in keeping our Rock River clean and healthy, so again we invite you to join with us on river sweep day for a fun and rewarding time of river stewardship.

All boaters, fisherman, duck hunters, canoeists, kayakers; all jet skiers, bank walkers, and those who are environmentally friendly; along with all riverbank residents and landowners; are invited to to join with us in this grand adventure.
This is a public, volunteer event and no entry or admission fees are required to participate. The river sweep has proven to be a great community social gathering, accompanied by a distinctive purpose; and the smiles of the volunteers in the photos here on our web-site will attest to that.

For details about how, when, and where to volunteer on clean-up day, please check your local media or submit your inquiries to the Section Coordinator Contact for your section, as listed on our home page.

Along with individual volunteers on clean-up day, we are in need of folks to accept the duties of Section Coordinator for the remaining sections of the river.

'Section Coordinators' Needed Now!

Organizations, groups, clubs, businesses, and individuals are encouraged to volunteer to fill the positions of 'Section Coordinator' in each community along the river. Larger communities will require multiple sub-sections and coordinators to head up each sub-section. Some of the duties of the section coordinator are as follows:
  • Work closely with Rock River Sweep.org organizers to assure a uniform and successful clean-up.
  • Acquire clean-up supplies and other support from local businesses, (T-shirts, gloves, flyers, etc).
  • Work with your local media to recruit volunteers for clean-up day.
  • Work with neighboring section coordinators to prevent overlapping of sections.
  • Use the "Organizer's Handbook" (provided by Rock River Sweep.org) to assure a successful clean-up effort.
  • Register your section of the Rock River Sweep with Rock River Sweep.org and with American Rivers.
  • Recruit, assemble, and register volunteers on the clean-up day.
  • Coordinate 'post-clean-up' recyclable-sort and trash disposal.
  • Arrange for proper disposal of all material collected.
  • Report clean-up results to Rock River Sweep.org organizers and American Rivers.
  • Essentially as a 'Section Coordinator' you will be coordinating and conducting the clean-up in your local section, but you will be doing it as part of a much larger group.
'Section Coordinators' Needed Now!

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