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Yahara River
By Terry Winchell – March 23, 2011

The Yahara River is a picturesque forty five mile long waterway with its headwaters in Dane County Wisconsin, north of Madison. It flows southwest through Lake Mendota. Lake Monona, Lake Waubesa, and Lake Kegonsa on its way to the confluence with the Rock River, nine miles North of Janesville. It passes through or near the communities of Deforest, Windsor, Madison, Monona, McFarland, and Stoughton. The Yahara offers great opportunities for canoeing, kayaking and fishing throughout its course. There are six dams and while there are no designated boat landings there is easy access. The Yahara is generally narrow, wooded, isolated and winding with a few wide spots and a few riffles.
The most popular section is a nine mile long stretch of free flowing water beginning below the final dam.

Stream Stewards Showcase

Friends of the Yahara River Headwaters Inc.
Submitted by Doug Porter – February 11, 2011


PO Box 139
DeForest, WI 53532

Board of directors
Doug Porter, President
Scott Mink, Vice President
Brian Tkachuk, Treasurer
Alesia Bock, Secretary
Ken Woode, Director
Dan Jardine, Director

Following a grant issued by the DNR in 2007, the Village of Deforest helped establish Friends of the Yahara Headwaters Inc. Since then we have been meeting on a monthly basis as advocates for developing and protecting the northern corridor of the Yahara River Headwaters. The northern headwaters of the Yahara River meander through the Villages of Deforest and towns of Windsor and Vienna. Its 45-mile path feeds Lake Mendota, Monona and Kegonsa southward to the Rock River into the Mississippi River and finally to the Gulf of Mexico..With growing participation from area volunteers we pledge our efforts toward the on-going restoration of this northern corridor. Through support from the Village of Deforest, DNR, Dane County and various sponsors/volunteers, our strategies are making it possible to hike, canoe, swim and fish in the river. The Board of Directors continues to promote and educate the community in regard to future goals of our group: - establish a database to collect flow and temperature data from monitoring efforts- identify and debris blockages using GPS equipment- utilization of grants that support the groups efforts- river bank stabilization- development of canoe launch sites -foster stewardship and education through public awareness meetingsEducating the public about the gifts the Yahara River offers is an on-going project. For the past 5 years, there has been an effort to solicit volunteers to help with an annual clean up. In September of this past year, the Village of Deforest hosted a successful community rally called “Riverfest” which will now become an annual event. Anyone who has an interest or stake in the recreational, economic or environmental aspect of the Yahara River is encouraged to join in our endeavors! We look forward to meeting new friends. We seek volunteers who can donate their time, offer professional expertise or assist financially. If you want to learn more about THE FRIENDS OF THE YAHARA RIVER HEADWATERS INC. please visit our website at: www.yaharariver.org

Our mission is to enhance and protect the quality of the Yahara River Headwaters while educating the community and providing sustainable recreational opportunities

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