So, I want to volunteer to help on clean-up day, Can you tell me where to be and at what time? (Paraphrased)
Where to be on clean-up day will be determined by which communities or areas decide to join with us in this effort. Sections will be listed on this web-site as section coordinators submit their event information to Rock River Sweep.org. The exact location of the clean-up assembly area for each site will be determined by the section coordinators and will be publicized locally through their local media and any other means that they may choose to advertise, flyers, their web-sites, etc. If they choose to submit that information to us, it will be posted in the RIVER CLEANUPS area of our home page.

What time to be at the designated clean-up site will also be determined by the local section coordinators and publicized in the same manner. 

How is Rock River Sweep.org funded?
Rock River Sweep.org is presently funded by private and corporate donations and grants. One of the principles Rock River Sweep.org was founded on is that the people of this great country will gladly and generously support a worthy cause, even in hard times. Staying within that premise, we actively seek donations and grants only from private citizens, organizations, and businesses at present.

What do you do with all the money that is donated?
Donated funds and grant monies are used for expenses such as are listed below: 

- Web development, maintenance, and hosting fees.
- Promotional presentations for canoe shows, boat shows, etc.
- Printing of cards to be distributed to the public for advertising scheduled events. 
- Packaging and mailing supplies, postage, paper, and labels, etc.
- Future clean-up and revitalization expenses yet to be determined.

At present, Rock River Sweep.org is a volunteer organization and as such, we have no paid staff. No part of your donation is spent for promotional clothing, decals, etc., these expenses being borne personally by our volunteer staff, and no part of your donation is used for reimbursement of expenses by our staff. All expenses generated in the operation of this organization are presently paid out-of-pocket by our volunteer staff. 

Who started Rock River Sweep.org?
Rock River Sweep.org was founded by Frank Masterman of Oregon, Illinois on November 9th 2009



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